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From carpets to furniture and from messes to stains, our Las Vegas team is here for you through it all. It is commonly thought that a simple vacuuming job is all that is needed to keep a home clean but as it turns out, there is more than meets the eye. Our team of professionals can transform the odor, appearance, and overall quality of your home with our Upholstery Cleaning service.

Call us now to learn more about our services. Don’t wait until someone else tells you your home smells bad, looks bad, or needs a good clean to get started. Head over to our home page to learn more about all of the things we offer.

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Benefits of

Upholstery Cleaning

There are so many unknown benefits to having your upholstery cleaned! Check out below if any of these details ring a bell. For more information, feel free to give our professionals a call.

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Air Quality

Fibers can’t help it! They collect and retain dust, dirt, and debris particles which can and often does lead to allergic responses from family and guests. Our professional process will remove all particles from the depths of your fibers which will remove the lingering dander and pollen that naturally accumulates in our homes. Improve the air quality in your home by working with our team.

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Furniture Life

The better you care for your things the longer they last! Professional upholstery removes and prevents stains. Our process removes odors, body oils, and more from the surfaces of your carpets and furniture. Extend your furniture’s lifespan, call us to get started.

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Aesthetic Appearance

If you’ve ever wanted your old furniture to look new but didn’t know how this is your answer! Professional upholstery cleaning can rejuvenate any old furniture! Our results are better than any other in the Las Vegas area and that includes any DIY projects.


Clean and Fresh

From pets to children, your furniture and carpet see it and feel it all! This means it will start smelling like it as well. Scents are a part of life and the best thing you can do for your home and your odor, have your carpets and furniture professionally cleaned. Our team will remove unwanted smells instead of just covering them up, leaving your home feeling and smelling brand new.

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Any Odor Any Stain

If you’ve ever invited someone over and suddenly made eye contact with a long-lasting stain that you thought wouldn’t be noticeable you should call us! If there’s an odor that is a bit new but doesn’t bother you, you should call us! Odors and stains reflect poorly on your household even though it wasn’t your fault! We get it. You’re busy. Let us do the work and remove odors and stains caused by everyday life.

If you’re not sure, that’s okay! Call and speak with one of our professionals about it.

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Upholstery Cleaning

We are the professionals

Save yourself time and money when you hire a team of professionals who are dedicated to improving your home. Our team wants to make your home feel and smell like it is clean because it is!  

Save money- new furniture is a lot of money! But it is the reality of life if your furniture because run down and begins to show its aging spots. You don’t have to upgrade simply call the professionals before things get out of hand. We offer affordable low rates! Call now to learn more.

No stains no odors- If you’ve ever had a pet or child spill, get sick, drag in dirt, or sit in your home sweaty the chances of those odors lingering if not professionally removed is high! Our team is trained in removing even the hardest of stains and the most stubborn odors.


Find Your Answers Here

Below you will find some of our more FAQ’s. Don’t see yours? Call us and let us know what you’re thinking.

How is Upholstery Cleaning different from carpet cleaning?

The major differences to note, especially in the way we go about our procedure in cleaning your home items! We do not use excess water to avoid moisture and bacteria growth. We also know the difference in carpet fibers and different fabrics, or the company is much more delicate with those things, unlike carpet cleaners.

Why should I have a professional come out?

It is unavoidable and doesn’t mean you did anything wrong by calling a professional to come to help clean your home! Over time, pets, children, guests, and family help drag in dust, dirt, and debris. Our job is to return your home and its belongings to a new state and that returns you to a state of maintenance until the professionals are needed again.

What kind of chemicals are used?

Unlike many other companies in the Las Vegas area, we use eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and people-friendly cleaners!

How often should I have you guys come out?

It all depends on your home and the activity within it. Many different factors play into children’s health, how many pets you own, and where carpets and furniture are located. The more consistent you call us the better your chances are of having fewer issues with odors and stains. Having our professionals come out every 6 months is advisable.