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Las Vegas Air Duct provides professional cleaning services for small and large facilities including: office buildings, hospitals, schools, churches, hotels, manufacturing and industrial sites and other facilities

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Why you should have your facility’s

Air duct system cleaned with Las Vegas Air Duct

It is estimated that at least 30% of all commercial buildings suffer from poor air quality

Air Duct Cleaning

Improve air quality

Contaminants and pollutants, such as dust, debris, and allergens build up in any HVAC system. Building managers are responsible for providing better quality air for their employees and clients

Air Duct Cleaning Las Vegas

Healthier employees

The benefits of cleaning the HVAC ducts of contaminants include creating a healthy and safe environment for the occupants and avoidance of possible costly litigation in the

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Energy Savings

Air ducts that are free of dust and debris can run more efficiently and save energy thus being more earth friendly. When your system has to work harder, it also shortens the life of your entire system.

Air Duct Cleaning Cost

Save Money

When your building’s HVAC system runs more efficiently, it saves the building owner a significant amount of money on heating and cooling bills each month. You will also be able to keep your existing system working longer, thus saving on future replacement and repair costs.

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Air Duct Cleaning Services

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Don’t Let Your Ducts Stay Dirty!

Dirty air ducts cause dirty air and dirty air causes illnesses and other diseases. It is important to have your commercial air ducts cleaned twice a year in order to ensure that they remain clean.

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Air Duct Cleaning Services

Las Vegas Air Duct

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Process

We begin by placing protective coverings over any work surfaces or other surfaces that could be impacted by dust and debris during the cleaning process. We then thoroughly clean all supply dampers and return diffusers. Next we clean all internal duct work using our specialized system and materials to get your ductwork truly clean- not simply blowing the dust and debris around. We also clean all air handlers and coils on all commercial HVAC systems. After a final rinse, we ensure that all parts and pieces are replaced appropriately before turning in our progress report to you. We are here until you are satisfied.


You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Do dirty air ducts make me and my employees/ clients sick?

There are many cases of “building related illnesses” (BRIs) reported every year. These are symptoms that can be directly related to airborne building contaminants. Poor air quality caused by dirty air vents can cause sicknesses particularly for those with asthma or for those with suppressed immune systems.

Are there any health benefits that come from having my commercial air ducts cleaned?

The removal of contaminants from your HVAC system is a part of an overall plan to remove contaminants from the air that lends to health benefits by offering higher quality air and working conditions.

How often should I have my commercial air ducts cleaned?

It is recommended that you have your air ducts and HVAC system cleaned twice a year in order to avoid BRIs

Will having my air duct clean reduce my energy bills?

Yes. A clean HVAC system runs more effectively. Not only does this save money on energy costs now, but it also keeps your unit running longer so that you do not have to repair or replace is as often.